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Valor Box isn’t your typical care package. Unlike conventional care packages, our nonprofit focuses on special operations units of the United States Military. In the austere environments that our soldiers operate in, they are unable to acquire nutritious supplements from the local economy. As a result, Valor Box sends our soldiers only the purest green and clean products. We are also mindful of packaging, so soldiers may store or pack their products at their easiest convenience.

Our troops work hard to protect our rights and freedoms. At Valor Box, we want to say thank you. No matter the soldier’s deployment length, we’ll help provide them with the basic items they need to make it through each day.

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Help us provide a Valor Box to our US Armed Forces. 90% of donations go towards supplying and sending a Valor Box to soldiers deployed overseas.  Help our nonprofit make an impact today.

Our Nonprofit’s Mission: Supporting Our Troops

At Valor Box, we’re dedicated to providing customized monthly boxes of high-quality health and wellness products for our special operations forces. Based in the military-heavy city of Colorado Springs, Colorado, we aim to provide and honor our armed forces by sending them a customized box of nutritional products. These products help support our soldiers through the fight and environment they face daily. Our troops are risking their lives for our country and deserve, at the very least, to not be stressed about how they will acquire healthy food for themselves. Our high-quality products are hand-picked for the soldier’s environment so they can operate at their utmost performance.

While most of our products will fall under the European Union (EU) standards due to their strict ingredient policies, our nonprofit does our best to incorporate healthy products from all over the world.

Testimonial from a Special Operations Soldier

Don’t have a specific Special Operations soldier in mind?  Not all members on a team receive a Valor Box during their deployment.  Purchase a Valor Box below or donate any amount so we can fulfill a box and send it to soldiers who have not yet received one.

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