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Becky was a small-town farm kid in northern Wisconsin. She was raised with big family values spending ample time with her grandfather on their farm. Grandpa Leon was truly Becky’s first introduction into the military. He was a huge pillar in many areas in her life instilling values, vision, and hard work. Those are the same values and skills she has learned to carry over into the corporate settings and in her entrepreneurial experiences. She has perseverance to accomplish her goals and the fortitude not to quit when the going gets rough has taken her to heights in business and personal development she couldn’t have recognized.


Becky has a strong course of will and a belief that the future is something you can control. She has a way of looking at the world that makes sense to herself as well as others. Her ability to paint a vision of what life can truly be like for others builds their faith in themselves, something she attributes to her walk with Christ.  She is kind and generous to others, she is never too busy to do a favor. Becky is passionate about serving others and loving them in a way that they need to be loved.


Becky started Valor Box because she has two family members who are in special operations. For Christmas one year she got a request from her brother for all his nutritional supplies for his upcoming deployment instead of the usual Nerf Gun or Legos. This immediately put the thought in her head that if he had a need for this that many others would too. Unfortunately fear took over for about a year thinking, there was no way this would ever take off. The opportunity presented itself again and she felt incredibly compelled to start it up. She shared her vision to thirty diverse business owners in a meeting and was met with full support. From there she took a leap of faith. Becky has a strong force of will and a burning passion for this organization. If you ever get to meet her in person, her love for living life fallout and bubbly personality will have you won over almost instantly. Becky is a grateful person and always takes time to express her thanks.


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