How it Works

We use 90% of all donations towards purchasing, packaging, and shipping a Valor Box to our US Armed Forces deployed overseas.

How it Works

We offer the opportunity for anyone to donate or support our troops in the United States Armed Forces. If you are a family member, friend, or business that would like to sponsor a team in the special operations, you may fill out a quick and simple form to send a Valor Box. To avoid the hassle of going through an arduous shipping process, we strive to ship the boxes with the soldiers. Once you submit the form online, our team will then contact you as soon as possible and begin the process to send your Valor Box.

If you do not know anyone in special operations but would still like to offer your support and care for our troops, you may donate any amount to Valor Box. Ninety percent of all donations go towards filling the boxes and sending them to our troops overseas.

The following are ways to donate:

  1. You may choose to send a box to a specific soldier by going to, choose an area of operation, and pick your soldier.
  2. You may choose the “Donate” option and it will automatically appropriate your donation to the team that is going to deploy first.

Another way you may choose to help is by volunteering time, skills, or services.

How we Help

With our troops working so hard and putting their lives on the line for our country, they absolutely need and deserve the best health products to ensure they receive the proper nutrients and overall wellness for themselves. By receiving a Valor Box, our troops will feel supported, appreciated, and well-taken care of. Make a difference for our military troops today, because they are making a difference for us.

Contact us today to see how we can get a box on it’s way to your solider or a soldier or team in need.

Our Mission

At Valor Box our mission is to help our United States armed forces continue the fight for our freedom.  Our boxes make it easy for them to receive the proper nutrients they need to maintain a proper level of health and wellness.  90% of all donations go towards our mission of supplying and shipping a Valor Box to a SOF team.  Help us make an impact today.