Support a team in Afghanistan

Supply our military men and women deployed in Afghansitan with a Valor Box, the health and wellness care package.


The Ultimate Box

      • a vegan/soy free/ dairy free protein made from clean resources. a healthy balance of carbs, fat, and protein in each serving
      • pre/probiotic
      • protein only made with pea, rice, and cranberry protein
      • individualized packets filled with electrolytes and plant-based carbohydrates
      • your phyto fruits and veggies in one scoop
      • fuel to feed your brain using key vitamins and botanicals to help cognition
      • healthy soda/ coffee replacement that has vitamins that aid in boosting energy without the crash
      • individualized packets of antioxidants that support the immune system
      • supplement that focus’ on inflammation in the gut and joints
      • supplement that enhances cognitive acuity using flaxseed oil and algal-derived DHA
      • cardio friendly, plant-based individual packets to help with endurance without the adrenal crashing.
      • Amino acids to help fuel the body properly
      • gentle tea that rids the filtration organs of excess toxins


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