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Support a soldier with a Valor Box. Our nonprofit’s Valor Boxes help Special Operations Teams and troops who are currently deployed or scheduled to deploy by providing them with proper nutrition…in a box. Each Valor Box is custom designed with a month’s supply of high-quality products to help our soldiers combat the environment and conditions they face.

A Statement From a Member of our Military’s US Special Operations Team

“In our line of work, we are constantly tasked with adapting to an ever-changing operational tempo.  These challenges not only impact our teams, but also our families on a daily basis.

As a member of the Special Operations Community/Armed Forces, we consistently stress the importance of daily routines in our line of work. We master these daily routines so that, once in a high operational environment, we can effectively execute the mission at hand and return home to our families.

The last thing a soldier needs to be concerned about while deployed is where they are going to acquire essential items. Valor box provides individuals with healthy essentials, ranging from nutritional supplements to health and wellness products.”

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Know of a team that is scheduled to deploy? Then get them their Valor Boxes before they leave.

Not all members of a special operations team receive a Valor Box during their deployment. So, if you don’t have a soldier in mind, help fill up an entire team by donating an amount towards a Valor Box. We will then fulfill a box and send it to those who have not yet received one.